Sniper's Edge 7' x 16' Hockey Shooting Tarp from Wide World of Hockey


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Price today: $189.97 + S&H! - Regularly $229.99 + S&H

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Sniper's Edge Hockey Goalie Shooting Tarp

Sniper's Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp 7' High x 16' Wide 

Today's Price:  $189.97 + S&H - Perfect for the garage!


Sniper's Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp

+ Great for developing a harder, more accurate shot for any level hockey player.
+ Can be used inside the garage, or in the basement.
+ Available in standard 7 or 8 foot heights to fit double garage door openings.
+ Extremely durable for use season after season.
+ Custom sizes available.  Contact us by using the E-mail Us link at the bottom of the page.


Why is the Sniper's Edge hockey shooting tarp the best you can buy:
The best hockey product for training players from Mites to the NHL.
+ Develop harder, more accurate shots and take your game to the next level.
+ More practice in less time - no more chasing pucks.
+ 5 yellow target "holes" catch pucks in one location.
+ Simulates game situation - the only shooting tarp with a goalie.
+ Practice with regulation size/weight pucks.
The Sniperís Edge is a hockey parents dream come true. No more:
+ Holes in sheetrock
+ Broken windows.
+ Puck marks on walls.
+ Dented garage doors.
+ Pucks ricocheting off of goal posts.
The Sniperís Edge is versatile. Use it:
+ In your basement.
+ In your garage.
+ Over your garage door opening.
+ On the patio or driveway.
+ In an arena dryland area.
The Sniperís Edge is convenient.
+ Easy to install in about 20 minutes with the help of a friend.
+ Comes in two sizes to fit standard double garage door openings.
+ Rolls up and out of the way by one person when not in use.
+ Can be easily moved from inside in winter to outside in spring/summer/fall.
+ No need to use special street hockey pucks or balls - it can handle real pucks.
The Sniperís Edge is a high quality product built to last season after season.
+ Heavy duty, 18 oz. reinforced Vinyl designed to withstand repeated impact in any temperature.
+ Double needle lock-stitch seams for maximum durability.
+ Scoring holes reinforced with nylon edging for added strength.
+ Proudly made using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.


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