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HOCKEY STATISTICS: The "Hockey Statistics" software keeps individual stats for each player in every game through out the season.

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Your season-to-date individual and team statistical totals are available anytime. It is menu-driven so it is easy to use. This software will do stats for an unlimited number of teams and seasons. For each team, there may be up to 40 athletes in up to 80 games per season. Statistics tracked are shots at goal, shots on goal, accuracy %, goals scored, goal/game average, assists, points scored, +/- differential, power play goals, short-handed goals, game winning goals, playing time, games started, face-offs (att/won), face-off %, bad passes, lost pucks, off sides, interceptions, body checks, number of penalties, and penalty minutes. Special goalie statistics include shots faced, goals allowed, goal %, goals/game average, saves, save %, shut-outs, penalty shots faced, penalty shot goals allowed, and penalty shot percentage. All the percentages, the +/- differential, and all averages are calculated automatically by the program. Season statistics may include all games played to date or just certain selected ones (district only, conference only, etc.). Season stats printout has all individual and team totals as well as games played and games started for each player, the team's won/loss record, plus period and game scoring averages for both you and your opponent. Printouts of game-by-game stats for individual players are also available as well as a printout of your game scores to date. This program has the ability to save reports in "HTML" format, which may be posted directly to your website or emailed to the media.






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