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HOCKEY PRACTICE PLANNER: If you hand-write your hockey practice plans, you'll love this software.

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It is best described as a glorified word processor except drills and activities only need to be input once instead of re-typing them daily. It is menu-driven so it's easy to use. Full editing capability of all drill files and practice planning is included. The Hockey Practice Planner program has 16 different drill file categories such as warm-up activities, shooting, skating, passing, team activities, and more built right into the software. There are up to 18 drills in each category that you input using your own personal drill names. To plan a practice, you simply input day, date, and practice starting time, then select your practice activities from menus of the drill files and enter the drill period length. The running clock time is kept automatically. There is an option to type in any coach's notes for any drill period. The squad may be split into small groups (up to 10) for any practice period with different drills assigned to each group. Final product is a neat and concise practice plan suitable for bulletin boards, copying, and filing (good for liability protection). There is storage and recall for up to 80 different practice plans per season.


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