Kwikhands Stickhandling System

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Kwikhands Stickhandling System

Why is this the most successful tool to develop your stickhandling skills?

Not because it's used in prep schools and colleges throughout the USA and Canada.

Not because it's used in Germany, Denmark and elsewhere.

It's because it addresses the most important aspects of stickhandling.  Proper motion, repetition and strength development are the keys to developing great stickhandling skills.  Only the Kwikhands Stickhandling System combines this set of qualities in one fun and easy to use system.  With the included Swedish Stickhandling Balls, you can also build peripheral vision in addition to speed.The complete system includes the following:

Kwikhands Stickhandling System for hockey players  

Today's Price: $129.95 + $13.50 S&H + applicable sales tax

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1 - Level 1 - 4 pound ball

1 - Level 2 - 2 pound ball

1 - Level 3 - 1 pound ball

1 - Level 4 - 8 ounce ball

1 - Instructional DVD1

1 - Instructional Booklet

2 - 2 foot by 2 foot interlocking mats providing a 2 foot by 4 foot area

1 - Extra Stickhandling Ball for your hockey bag

1 - KwiK-Set Swedish Stickhandling Balls

Don't stop with improving your stickhandling skills.  Increase your game skills by increasing your ability to Fake and Deke!

Add value to your package and get an additional discount when you purchase what I believe, are the best videos available.

Sean Skinner goes far beyond anything that I have done and has put together a series that I have used successfully for teams that I have coached in the past.

Don't pass up this opportunity to not only add significant skills to your game but get an additional discount doing it.